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Wise Sage Wellbeing brings high-quality massage treatments, yoga classes and fun workshops to your door. We work with a carefully selected group of trusted and vetted practitioners across Cornwall, who offer our sought-after massage treatments, including our signature treatments like our Wise Sage Experience and Wise Sage Ayurvedic style massage. You will never be late for an appointment again, save time and energy knowing you are in our safe hands. Less thinking and more feeling good are some of the many benefits to staying in and resting well in your own home or holiday cottage, giving you the privacy you deserve and enabling you to release tension, breathe easy and let go more deeply into your massage treatment or yoga class. You can relax and forget about traffic jams, troublesome parking and noisy hallways. We care about you and your wellbeing.


Wise Sage was founded by Lucy Sage, a trusted practitioner with over 25 years of experience. Lucy has an abundance of accredited qualifications which she brings into her practice at Wise Sage, making her one of the most experienced practitioners in the county (UK).

With her background in teaching, Lucy naturally brings a nurturing and loving energy to all of the practitioners and clients she works with. Lucy loves to teach workshops in making Natural Aromatherapy products, as she cares about our environment. Lucy has dedicated much of her time to education and her own self development as a practitioner, developing her training programmes like no other. Lucy cares about her clients, her practitioners and their wellbeing, so they can give 100% to our clients.

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Wise Sage was founded on the belief that wellbeing starts with the practitioner. Each and every one of our practitioners is paid 75% of the treatment fee, and our practitioner's wellbeing is respected. Therefore, they are never overworked or underpaid and they sincerely love what they do.

We know that when our practitioners are healthy, happy and well paid then our clients are going to receive the best possible service they can give. From deep-tissue massage to our signature rejuvenation facials, each of our services is tailored to meets the needs of our visitors and those for whom Cornwall is home. We use Cornwall's own, Made-For-Life Organic Skincare products that are 100% organic and ethically sourced.

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Wise Sage

Tresawna Terrace, Falmouth

TR11 2AR

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