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Wise Ayurvedic Treatments

Service Description

From ancient Ayurvedic techniques, working to support your own mix of tri-doshas, we will tailor an Ayurvedic massage using warm Ayurvedic oil to suit your needs and incorporating head massage, which can improve circulation, release tension and lymphatic drainage to the shoulders, head, neck, scalp and face. This relieves headaches and neck and shoulder stiffness and may help reduce insomnia, promote clearer thinking and aid concentration. Soothing foot massage works to move Prana throughout the body and clear any blocked energy. Using mild pressure on the body's Marma points to increase the flow of Prana. This is a 90-minute treatment that will support your body and mind to find balance and wellness. This treatment is available in both our Falmouth Treatment Room, or in the comfort of your own home. - Falmouth Treatment Room (1hr 30): £75 - Mobile (1hr 30): £95

Contact Details

01326 761 331

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